I have a server where I replaced the hard drive and now I'm rebuilding the server. I have all of the configuration and data of the old subversion setup+repos on the old hard drive. Is there anyway to bring the subversion content over to the new OS+hard drive without having to boot the drive and doing a svnadmin dump?


Copy the full repository filesystem. This should ensure you have not just the database, but any hook scripts and configuration. There are three consideration here:

  • Stick with the same version of subversion (or make sure you run svnadmin upgrade)
  • Run svandmin verify on the new copy before starting the server. It'll give you peace of mind that the whole thing is still intact.
  • Make sure the new repo filesystem is owned by the user running the service (apache, svnserve)
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  • Don't forget to add "remove the previous known host" on the client [since its pointing to the same name as before] – monksy May 14 '13 at 7:10
  • Good point. If you're using SSL and CNAMEs the host key will have changed. – SmallClanger May 14 '13 at 7:51

Copying everything into the proper locations should be enough. Just don't start svnserve until everything's in place.

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