I plan on having a subdomain, let's call it foo.mysite.com, forwarding to my site www.mysite.com. This is just for testing purposes.

Eventually I want to change my foo.mysite.com to point to another server. So I will be setting up another A record pointing to the new IP.

What I'm confused with is what do I do with the forwarded subdomain to mysite.com? I don't need to forward it anymore. So I think the procedure is:

  1. Create new A record
  2. Delete the subdomain
  3. Create CNAME record with alias foo and host it points to as foo.mysite.com
  4. Remove my 301 redirect in htaccess that had foo.mysite.com -> www.mysite.com

My hosting provider is GoDaddy. Assuming this procedure is correct then the final issue I have is the assignment of the A record. That can take some time. It is usually pretty quick but I'm building an app server that needs to be running immediately when I create the new A record.

How can I structure this better so I don't have an outage?


Change the CNAME for foo to an A record now. Point it to the same IP address as www. Then, when you are ready to go live with your web site on the new server, just change the A record. This has the additional benefit that you need not make any change on the old server.

  • I assume changing an A record happens immediately once it has been created? I assume I still need a 301 redirect until I move it over? – Tom May 13 '13 at 19:46
  • It should be a 302 redirect, not a 301. And the A record change happens as fast as you change it, subject to the TTL you specified. – Michael Hampton May 13 '13 at 19:46

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