I have a .net web application on IIS and the site was running very slow(on AWS EC2 medium server 2012). CPU usage and RAM usage are both down very low.

I started up another EC2(medium server 2008) and put half the users on the new EC2 and now the site is dramatically faster for both sets of users.

I'm at a loss to what might cause this. There is only a a couple hundred users total. What are some things I can look into to solve why this is happening so I can move back to one server?

Edit: Also, there should not be much file i/o as all file downloads and uploads are on amazon S3 and not on the server storage.

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Did you try attaching a profiler to it and seeing what is going on? You know, the "Professional analysis" thing? VS 2012 has a remote profiler that can be installed and then activated on a server to collect information.

ANYTHING ELSE Is wishfull blind attempting to find what is wrong. Profiling is about the only efficient way, and should be regularly utilized.



then down to "Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012" which also enable remote profiling.

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