just unboxed a brand new HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 Server. I can reach the iLO webinterface but the Server hangs on the early system initialization on 90 % with the status code 0114.

I did not find any useful Information on the hp website.

Do you know what the status code mean?

Regards, Marcel


The problem is an incompatible DIMM module even though the memory module is sold from Kingston as HP compatible.

You can find at the HP SmartMemory Overview a list of compatible DIMMs


You should check your KVM switch and/or keyboard and monitor.

Move the system to another location... just in case it's an issue with the devices you've connected to it. It seems basic, but it's a fair thing to try.

  • Thx for the hint and link but the Server was located on my desk with direct attached keyboard an mouse. – Marcel Janus May 23 '13 at 16:25

It's brand new. It's under warranty. Call HP!


Make sure to remove any CD/DVD in the tray and unplug any USB device you might have booted from.

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