I am a new bee in Linux kernel programming, trying to work with an old kernel Linux 2.6.32 on x86_64. I want to enable the CONFIG_PREEMPT option in it but can not find information about how can I do it. I can compile a new kernel with my preferred options, but do not know what I need to do in this case. So can anyone please tell me

How can I enable CONFIG_PREEMPT option? Do I need to recompile the kernel again with new menuconfig? In that case which option is responsible for CONFIG_PREEMPT?

I think it's trivial for anyone who worked with this before, so please give me your valuable help!

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CONFIG_PREEMPT in a main part of the kernel, you can not modularize it. So if you don't have already a PREEMPT kernel, you need to compile it from sources. The option is selected by its name 'PREEMPT' or edit file manually to activate it.

While in menuconfig, press the / key, and search for PREEMPT. This will show you where the option is and what it will be called in the menu.

Check if it is not available in your preferred distribution.

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