In the CPU computing world, you have giant cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Rackspace. You have also smaller companies that provide dedicated hosting services.

Amazon EC2 has limited support for GPU computing with Tesla, as:

  1. They are using an old Tesla
  2. They only support that in one centre in US.

Otherwise, they would have been a good choice for me.

What I am looking for is a GPU hosting provider, located, in order of preference, in:

1 - UK
2 - West Europe
3 - USA

They should also have modern NVidia Tesla K20 or Tesla K20X GPUs and support Windows hosting and interested in a start up.

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Build it yourself :)

If you have a good feeling as to your requirements, what precludes you from establishing a co-location footprint and doing this yourself?

Assuming your application stack is compute-heavy and wouldn't necessarily benefit from multiple availability zones or resiliency opportunities afforded by a cloud provider, wouldn't it make sense to provision the hardware you want and build the appropriate infrastructure?

But if that's not an option due to scale or cost... just go with the cloud computing/hosting providers that Nvidia endorses on their own website.

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