We run a Windows Server 2008 VM with IIS 7.5, and on top of that we run Coldfusion 9.

After some server performance issues last week, I saw that backlogged requests in IIS were not timing out. We got hit with a huge amount of traffic, which slowed down Coldfusion and ultimately slowed down how fast IIS could pass requests to the Coldfusion server.

In Coldfusion, we have a 60-second timeout set globally for requests. We do have scripts that override this with the <cfsetting> tag to get a longer execution time.

After looking in our IIS config file, I see that we only have one site with a request timeout set. I found this documentation, but it only outlines how to set this on a per-site basis...

So really, two questions: 1. How can I set a global request timeout for the whole server without adding this setting to each individual site? 2. If I do set this globally, will Coldfusion still be able to have longer running scripts? (For instance, if I set an IIS timeout to 60 seconds but I use <cfsetting> in a Coldfusion script to extend that, would IIS still cut out the script execution at 60 seconds, or will it ignore it's own timeout setting since it passed the script off?)

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