On Windows SBS 2011 Essentials, how do you store user documents in a centralized location on the server?

For example a 'User' folder has sub-folders for Mr A, B and C. Each of these folders has all documents, desktop, downloads etc. for that user. Is this what folder re-direction is or is there another method for this siuation?

I have found information on this for SBS 2011 Standard but i dont think this applies to Essentials, is it even possible on Essentials?



Yes, this is supported on Windows SBS 2011 Essentials. You'll need to install the Windows 7 Pro Pack Add-in. Take a look at this TechNet blog post:

With folder redirection the Pro Pack helps small businesses protect the data stored on their client computers. Folder redirection is designed to allow users to continue working in the same way saving their data in real time on their client computer, but reduces the risk of data loss by having the most important data on a particular computer automatically redirected, stored and protected on the server (when on the local domain). This way, even if the client computer is lost or suffers critical damage, is it still possible to access the latest set of data on the server when the client has not been backed up recently. Best of all, when users edit local data when away from the network, any small business can ensure that when the PC is back on the local network, updated information is immediately replicated to the server and protected.

Also take a look at some of the documentation:

Understanding and using Server Folders for centralized storage

The following table lists the Server Folders that are created by default when you install Windows SBS 2011 Essentials.

Server Folder name: Users

Description: Used to store and access files by network users.

A user specific folder is automatically generated in this Users server folder for every network user account that you create.

How do I manage folders in the user’s shared folder?

By default, when a user is created, a sub folder is created for the user under the user folder. The sub-folder can be accessed only by the user or the administrator from a network computer. Since the permissions are set for each sub-folder under users, there are no general access permissions for the top-level user folder

And since it seems you missed the TechNet documentation, here's a link to more information you should be reading:

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Online Help for Administrators

  • Thanks for the quick and informative reply, working through this now! – Joe May 25 '13 at 19:54

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