Previously I had no issues with connecting to the console session on Windows Server 2003, but today for some reason I get blank screen after I enter username, password and press Enter. There's simply desktop background visible.

If I try to connect with the same account without /admin switch - it works just fine. Have tried to use another account - same issue.

Remote host OS: W2k3 EE.

Already tried to disable Bitmap Caching from the Experience tab - didn't work. I also tried to connect from another host - no luck. Deleting domain user profile on problem host had no positive effect.

Server has not been restarted yet, since this is production one. No error/warning windows pop up after entering credentials.

Any ideas why it doesn't work with /admin switch and works fine without?

  • Reboot fixed an issue :). – Volodymyr M. May 30 '13 at 9:06

You can try to press CTRL+ALT+ESC to get a Task Manager, File > Run, explorer.exe to try to manually kick off the desktop. I've done that before.

  • Yep, I thought about this, but the thing is that I need firstly to connect to gateway server and once connected I can then reach that particular server. Playing with rdp client options to send CTRL+ALT+ESC(DEL) directly to the problem server didn't work, since had not much time. Will give it a show tomorrow once again. – Volodymyr M. May 29 '13 at 18:39

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