I am trying to install the s3fs software. I however keep coming upon this error:

$ sudo /usr/bin/s3fs bucketname /mnt
fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first
$ modprobe fuse
FATAL: Module fuse not found.

When I checked if the kernel, it had fuse enabled:

zgrep FUSE /proc/config.gz

I can't see why it isnt finding fuse. Since the kernel says its installed and I already installed all of the packages with fuse in their name from the repository

sudo apt-get install .fuse.

I ended up installing fuse from source as instructed here. http://www.craiglotter.co.za/2012/04/20/how-to-install-s3fs-on-an-ubuntu-server/ Ensure you go to sourceforge for the latest version

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