I've installed cisco anyconnect VPN (cisco-anyconnect-win-3.0.4235-pre-deploy-k9.msi) on a 64 bit Windows 8 machine. FYI, I do have internet access, while I'm connected to the VPN.

I want to share this VPN connection, so I can use some other laptop to access the VPN. This is because, we are given only one VPN connection as a vendor, so more than one user (laptop) cannot VPN at the same time, which affects our productivity.

Is there any way to share this Cisco VPN connection?



Although I do not recommend doing so; using a shared VPN connection is conceivable. You would need to add another ASA (or concentrator / router) at the client site and implement a site-to-site VPN connection as illustrated in this Cisco article.

enter image description here

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