Is it possible to check if the current ssh session used a password or public key authentication, without comparing /var/log/auth.log with my current client ip?

And in case if there is no other way how can i get the exact login-time-stamp? pinky returns only hh:mm and not a hh:mm:ss.


The answer to your first question is a negative. That information isn't present anywhere after login. Though if you trust the environment/user you can make the .ssh/authorized_keys file specify a variable to set when logging in with a specific key.

For the second question: parse /var/run/utmp yourself.


Would the lastlog command provide the info you want

lastlog --user luser
Username         Port     From             Latest
luser            pts/1    2a00:14f0:e090:8 Sun Jun  9 16:20:02 +0100 2013
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