I am looking for a tool for Solaris that can simulate Network Latency, and possibly have the capability of dropping a certain percentage of packets. I have been googling this for a bit, and I came across an interesting blog post about hxbt, a driver for solaris:


It looks like this driver could be really useful to me, but I can't find any more information about it when I click through to the link that the blog entry says I should go to to get it:


Seems like it might have been scrapped?

Does anybody else have any ideas or suggestions?


This blog entry has a working link to a tar ball that has the precompiled driver that runs on Opensolaris: https://blogs.oracle.com/yousuf/entry/wansimulator. It does require Crossbow, though, i.e. you have to run either Opensolaris (now a defunct project) or try it with Solaris 11.


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