I've deployed simple lync 2013 infrastracture. 1 edge, 2 front end, 1 webapp, 1 backend for mssql databases, and AD + CC.

Everything works great except mobility.

When I run Test-CsUcwaConference, Test-CsMcxP2PIM commands following error message displayed:

enter image description here

IIS -> Lync server external and internal web site authentications enabled providers are Negotiate, NTLM.

Please advice me if you have happened this error too.

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I just realized how long ago you asked this question, but since I'm already done writing an answer, I'll submit it anyway.

The Test-CsClientAuthentication command works similarly to the two you referenced, but it's kind of picky about the userSipAddress and UserCredential. Especially where contoso.com doesn't equal contoso.local in my example below.

Running the following type of command will probably work, but changing UserCredential to the UPN results in the error you have shown above. (No response received for Web-Ticket service. Inner Exception: The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Ntlm'.)

Test-CsClientAuthentication -TargetFqdn lyncfe.contoso.local -UserSipAddress "sip:[email protected]" -UserCredential "contoso\user"

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