Ok, I swear I know how to do this! However, it appears to have slipped my mind, and it's starting to frustrate me that I can't remember... ;)

If I install CentOS 6 without the Anaconda installer it will install a "minimal" install by default. However, the minimal install is missing basic utilities such as wget, and I would like to install the "basic server" profile onto it after-the-fact.

So, to summarize: How do I Install the "Basic Server" Profile onto a "Minimal" Install of CentOS?


What you are looking for is to install the 'Base' yum group

yum groupinstall Base

In order to know what packages are provided by the group

yum groupinfo Base

The list of all available group is available with

yum grouplist
  • Perfect! Thank you so much... Any longer, and I was going to go nuts trying to remember! ;) – Soviero Jun 13 '13 at 21:55

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