I have a server running Nexenta with a QLogic QLE2460 in target mode. This works great. My problem is that with that I only get 1 port worth of speed (4gbps) to my switch. How can I increase the speed. Now I will point out that I am no expert on Fibre Channel, but in networking I can hold my own. If this was networking I could team the nics and get the speed from both. Can I do the same with the Fibre Channel cards as targets? I did find some documentation on using QLDirect Filter to do this for the initiators, but what about the target? Am I better off putting the LUNs on different ports and try to get better speed by segregation?

  • 8Gb Fibre Channel
  • MPIO
  • Enabling compression on your ZFS zvols/LUNs.

Who is consuming this data? Are you actually seeing bottlenecks?

And remember, it's not always about throughput. Have you taken time to understand your I/O patterns? The mix of read to write? The nature of the transfers?

Can you give more information about the setup?

  • MPIO is exactly what I needed. On one hand you point out some great things that I should check on, however the truth is that this is a newer setup. The servers will quickly grow to over 40 however and I suspect a 4gbps setup will not work during heavy load times. I do have several drive controllers to spread the load, but a single port FC HBA. I was trying to solve this problem before it became one. I found this great article once I knew what to look for... again thanks... info.nexenta.com/rs/nexenta/images/… – CrazyDart Jun 20 '13 at 4:16

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