I use a program that reads the security log on a windows 2008 and looks for who has logged into the domain ( i have setup active directory services/Ldap on windows 2008). To simulate multiple users logging in, I want to be able to use a tool and possibly put it inside a batch script and automate it. Is there any tool that can help me simulate generation of the Log-on/Log-off into a box ? I looked around and found an utility called auth.exe but it does not seem to generate security logs


  • Your best bet probably would be creating a virtual environment with a Server 2008 DC and a client (or maybe a handful) where you script logins (either through the network or interactively by using AutoAdminLogon regkeys). – the-wabbit Jun 20 '13 at 19:29

Putting a bunch of

"net use /d \\server    
"net use \\server"

statements into a BAT script (that runs on another machine of course) ought to do it. You need to ensure that you have auditing turned on - do normal logins create security events?

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