I uses CentOS on my server that installed from hosting distributive. System works well, but i can't find mysql config to fix some things. I can see only mysql log file named as hostingname.err in /var/lib/mysql folder.

File search: find / -name "mycnf" doesn't find any files, exept default configs from /usr/share and default /etc/my.cnf doesn't works after any changes, because it isn't used by Mysqld.

Text search at system files: find / -type f -exec grep «hostingname.err» {} \; doesn't appears any results

Please, help me with any ideas to find correct my cnf that used by Mysql.



Running /usr/libexec/mysqld --help --verbose should give you the default config files location. The top line of the output should look something like this -

Default options are read from the following files in the given order:
/etc/mysql/my.cnf /etc/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf

If that doesn't work, try running ps aux | grep -i mysqld and see if the default config file has been overridden with the option --defaults-file= to read default options from the given file.

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