Zimbra is working on Ubuntu 12.04 and there are some system users (i.e. root). Zimbra is trying to send email to itself ([email protected]) and hangs on mailq, then prevents other mail's distribution. But I cannot stop it from sending email. I tried to use aliases file as root: /dev/null but does not work. What else can be done to do prevent this?

  • What exactly zimbra is sending? Mail with stats?
    – lechup
    Apr 3, 2014 at 13:46

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[email protected] is default account on many Linux distributions, and just should exists.

On that mail you are getting for example information about failed cron jobs (jobs that write to stderr) and other quite important things.

What I suggest:

  • create alias to Your main administrator account [email protected] in Zimbra admin panel
  • maybe creating ~/.forward file will be an option? here is first tutorial found on Google

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