How to install moinmoin-2 on dreamhost?

I'm putting this here, so I can find it in the future. Maybe it is useful to other people too.

I found it challenging because:

  • it needs python2.7, and dreamhost has 2.4, 2.5, 2.6
  • it needs Flask, which I've never used before
  • it needs virtualenv
  1. Install python2.7, from parts 1 to 3 of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10953695/update-django-1-4-and-python-2-7-3-with-virtualenv-on-dreamhost-with-passenger
  2. Download moin-2.0, eg from hg:

    hg clone http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/2.0 moin-2.0

  3. cd moin-2.0
  4. edit the quickinstall to comment out the line $VIRTUALENV --no-site-packages --python $PYTHON $DIR || exit 1
    • this is so that you can create your own env directory
  5. rm -R the old moin-2.0/env directory
  6. Use virtualenv to create the env directory, making sure to add the option --no-site-packages
  7. Run ./quickinstall
  8. Follow the moin instructions to build indexes and so on
  9. In your dreamhost control panel, create a new subdomain, with 'passenger' activated, and some path ending in /public, but not the moin-2.0 directory itself. Let's call this path $SITE/public, so $SITE is the parent director of the public directory
  10. In $SITE, create the following file called passenger_wsgi.py:

    import sys, os
    INTERP = '/path/to/moin-2.0/env/bin/python'
    if sys.executable != INTERP: os.execl(INTERP, INTERP, *sys.argv)
    from MoinMoin.app import create_app
    application = create_app('/path/to/moin2.0/wikiconfig.py')

    (you need to replace /path/to/moin2.0 with the directory of your moin-2.0 directory)

  11. Create a file $SITE/tmp/restart.txt (or touch it if it already exists)

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