See attached diagram.

  • Host A - Windows server
  • Host B - Linux server
  • Host C - VMWare ESXi server

From host A I can SSH to host B over the VPN tunnel. I can ping host C from host B, but not from host A. I am assuming this is because host C has lost its default gateway.

Host C is a VMWware ESXi server, so I would need to tunnel several ports (80,443,902) in order to reach host C from host A.

What is the correct ssh syntax to create the tunnel in order to reach host C from host A, and can I do it using a single command, or do I need to run three commands (one for each port, 80,443,902)?

Network Diagram


Here's how I accomplished this.

  • Host A -
  • Host B -
  • Host C -

Then these commands:

  • ssh -f -L -N
  • ssh -f -L -N
  • ssh -f -L -N

Then pointed the vSphere client on Host A to, which connected me to and I was able to change the default gateway.

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