I have recently some issues with people using my email server.

They have problems with synchronizing folders on outlook, and I can't figure out what to do.

I found somewhere that I could extend a setting for imap connections:

mail_max_userip_connections = 20

which didn't really help, I was thinking about extending timeout of connection or something, but really can find anything like that.

In Thunderbird it seems to be OK.

here is dovecot -p result:


if anything could help please let me know what should provide.

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RE: "0x800CCC0E cannot synchronize subscribed folders"

Had this happen today. I knew it had to be a client side error as dovecot logs had nothing but good news.

Resolved by doing the following:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Run the SCANPST.EXE utility on the particular imap account PST file in question. (Make a backup as well - trash it after you verify you are synced properly).
  3. Open Outlook.

...Fixed (for me at least.)

As a side note, I noticed I could not view my "Sent" items folder before I fixed error. It was the "Sent" folder in my case -> "Outlook cannot display folder" (if clicked/opened). I can now see/browse the 'Sent' folder properly, too.

To find location of scanpst.exe or the 'inbox repair tool' for all version of Outlook, consult:
EDIT (JAN2017):


I'm not sure what the problem could be but the Dovecot wiki is definitely worth a look.

Client issues and configuration

Dovecot 1.x http://wiki1.dovecot.org/Clients

Dovecot 2.x http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Clients

  • have dovecot 2 and there is no workaround for outlook for imap
    – l1em1on1
    Commented Jul 3, 2013 at 17:04
  • Could you describe the problem in a bit more detail? Is there an error message or does the connection times out?
    – Bart
    Commented Jul 3, 2013 at 22:27
  • 0x800CCC0E cannot synchronize subscribed folders
    – l1em1on1
    Commented Jul 4, 2013 at 11:00
  • 0x800CCC0E means the connection to the server failed. Most likely it's a local problem on the client's machine / network. The problem could be anything really. A misconfigured outlook, firewall blocking, antivirus... The list goes on.
    – Bart
    Commented Jul 4, 2013 at 12:03
  • The thing is that this occurs on few different machines.
    – l1em1on1
    Commented Jul 4, 2013 at 12:57

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