I was using this option on ipv4 to send some information to the host. On my host lease I have something like:

supersede vendor-encapsulated-options = "MY INFORMATION";

On the DHCP client host I can see an entry like that on the lease file:

lease {
  interface "eth0";
  fixed-address XXXXX;
  option vendor-encapsulated-options "MY INFORMATION";

So I can get this information and do actions based on it.

Setting this entry on a IPv6 host entry on the DHCPD conf I can run the server with no error but the client is not getting the information. Looking at the tcpdump output I can't see this option is sent to the client in the Advertise from the DHCP Server.

How can I send vendor specific options to an IPv6 node?


The name has changed in IPv6it is called now dhcp6.vendor-opts. In the dhcpd6.conf file in the host section you must add:

option dhcp6.vendor-opts "options";

Depending on the client you must need to modify its config file to request it.

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