Is it possible to receive domain email at Heroku, and have you domain pointed to the correct place?

For example, I want to receive email at addesses@mydomain.com, and I also want to have my DNS CNAME/A records pointed correctly.

Now as I understand, Heroku does not support traditional DNS records, but I can use a service like ZerigoDNS or DNSimple to manage my domain traffic and point that to heroku?

Can someone please help explain how I can have a domain that points to Heroku when I type it in a url bar, and also receives email at the destination of the original registrar (godaddy.com)?


Heroku doesn't support receiving email directly to your application, and you can't really run an SMTP server on Heroku anyway. You'll need to use a third party addon such as CloudMailin or Sendgrid.

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