We have a brand new SharePoint 2007 Intranet farm running on new 64-bit hardware with lots of processor and memory. We are using Kerberos for security and have carefully followed all the written guidance from Microsoft and blogs to configuring Kerberos and Excel Services correctly. Generally everything is running great.

Currently we can add Excel Web Access web parts on SharePoint team site pages and connect them up to SQL 2005 Analysis Cubes for use with doing Pivot Tables, Graphs, etc... As part of this, we have created a test dashboard page that has six of these web parts that display upon page load. However we have noticed that we get intermittent errors when a user does things like refresh the connection or workbook, or change the filter on PivotTables. The user gets a generic error messages such as "An error has occurred. Please contact an administrator." and then their session in Excel Services is hosed up. They have to shut down IE and come back to the site in order to interact successfully with the Excel web parts again.

I have looked at the logs but just see generic messages like "EcsSoapException: An error has occurred." that don't give me something that I can really act on. Also I have checked the application event logs but didn't find anything relevant.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Sample error from log -

08/07/2009 14:14:53.40 w3wp.exe (0x06C4)
0x17B0 Excel Services
Excel Services Web Front End 3skc Information There was problem processing a request on Excel Calculation Services http://apulu:56737/SharedServices_AI_1/ExcelCalculationServer/ExcelService.asmx exception: Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.CalculationServer.ExcelServiceSoap+EcsSoapException: An error has occurred. at Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.CalculationServer.ExcelServiceSoap.PostProcessRequest(CommandResult result, WebMethodType webMethodType, Exception ex, Boolean endRequest, String sessionId) at Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.CalculationServer.ExcelServiceSoap.ExecuteAsyncEndWebMethod(AsyncEndWebMethod method, IAsyncResult asyncResult, WebMethodType webMethodType) at Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.CalculationServer.ExcelServiceSoap.EndOpenWorkbook(IAsyncResult asyncResult, String& workbookId, Boolean& hasOpenItemPermission)...

  • Can you paste in a few full (anonymized if necessary) lines from your SharePoint logs? Getting the full text of the exception may help analyze the issue. – MattB Aug 10 '09 at 19:07
  • Thanks Matt, I pasted in one error. Unfortunately I can't find a way to attach a file to my post to include more. If I paste it in I get an error about too many hyperlinks. – Ryan Aug 10 '09 at 21:16
  • One more question - is excel services running on multiple servers in your farm, or just the one? – MattB Aug 11 '09 at 14:48
  • Just one - our farm is just 1 web front-end with everything enabled, and 1 database server. – Ryan Aug 11 '09 at 16:11

It turns out this is a bug with Kerberos in Windows 2008. Microsoft has just released a hotfix for this (see link below). The hotfix completely resolved all my issues.


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