I can use takeown.exe to give the currently logged in user ownership of a folder. But when I try:

takeown /s jimswork8 /u Everyone /f c:\test /R /D Y

It just gives ownership to the currently logged in user. I CAN do it if I use the UI, so I would think it is possible, but I just can't get the syntax right.



takeown is a leftover from the days when Microsoft insisted you couldn't set the ownership of a file to someone other than the person logged on. I don't know why the tool lets you specify a username, but it will not honor it as far as I know.

icacls will allow you to set the owner from the command line. But it will not update ACEs. If the file/folder is simply inheriting permissions, following the /setowner command with a /reset command will fix the ACEs.

  • Somehow it fails to set new owner even though I can do it through Explorer. – Euri Pinhollow Feb 27 at 12:31
  • For its own sadistic pleasure, Microsoft showed a preference for takeown in the help screen of the /setowner option in icacls. – eel ghEEz Mar 12 at 16:11
  • My icacls DIR /setowner DOMAIN\DOMUSER /t /c /q showed Access denied, but pushing the ownership to the local admin group takeown /f DIR /a /r /d y, then giving a full permission to that group BUILTIN\Administrators (I belong in it and I logged in as a local user in that group) with icacls DIR /reset /t /c /q, icacls DIR /grant BUILTIN\Administrators:F /t /c /q opened the door to changing the ownership, icacls DIR /setowner DOMAIN\DOMUSER /t /c /q. Caveat: takeown does not grok the \\?\DIR notation making it impossible to process long paths. – eel ghEEz Mar 12 at 18:58

This set owner of folder or file to group Everyone - works on windows 7 and above:

icacls "full path of file with file extension" /setowner "Everyone" /T /C

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