I'm trying to set up a CVS server on my synology NAS, but am getting a recurring error in actually accessing the cvs via login. I'm also posting this on the synology server, but thought that I'd post here as it's probably more of a CVS issue than a Synology issue.

I followed these instructions to set up CVS http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.php/Step-by-step_guide_to_installing_CVS_server

Here's the result of login:

$ cvs -d :pserver:user1@redacted.org:/opt/cvsroot login

cvs login: authorization failed: server redacted.org rejected access to /opt/cvsroot for user user1

Results of various checks:

$ Netstat -l | grep cvs

tcp 0 0* LISTEN


$ cat /etc/services | grep cvs

cvspserver 2401/tcp # CVS client/server operations

cvspserver 2401/udp # CVS client/server operations

cvsup 5999/tcp CVSup # CVSup file transfer/John Polstra/FreeBSD

cvsup 5999/udp CVSup # CVSup file transfer/John Polstra/FreeBSD

Synology details :: DS2411+ DSM 4.1-2661

The password I'm using is correct per /opt/cvsroot/CVSROOT/passwd Permissions on passwd are chmod 400, and owned by cvs:cvs.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.


My guess would be the synology needs the CVS port opened on it. TCP and UDP ports must be open for CVS. Port # is 2401.

Synology Firewall Port Forwarding Setup Page

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