What future can we expect for the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Internet-Draft specification by the IETF?

I see a page on the MS MSDN website that describes MS current WinHTTP AutoProxy Support that provides a link to a document that expired in 2001 and the one on Wikipedia link expired in 1999.

Has anyone heard of any replacement technology or should we continue to deploy WPAD at our various sites? I'm not talking about transparent proxies either, I mean replacement method of distributing proxy information to all random client devices that connect to our network.


I don't see it going away any time soon under Microsoft's umbrella - deprecating anything that businesses are using is something they avoid.

On the IETF draft, don't worry much about it; Microsoft's rarely interested in working through the open standards process for technologies that come from under their roof, but in this case it became a de-facto standard through wide deployment and at least some measure of implementation from other vendors.

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