I have a Debian server, and an OpenShift gear. To access the gear, clients need to connect to it with a SSH tunnel. I want people to instead connect to my main server using a normal connection, and have my server send their requests through a SSH tunnel for them. Pretty much, the request needs to go from

Client > Internet > Debian server > SSH tunnel > OpenShift 
> SSH tunnel > Debian server > Internet > Client

I could give instructions to the users on setting up the whole thing with PuTTY or something, but it would be over most of their heads. Thanks!

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Sounds like you should be looking for proxy software for connecting to OpenShift.

Client --Internet-- ProxyServer --ssh_tunnel-- OpenShift

In your case, the ProxyServer would be your Debian server.

I have setup clients using keys to open tunnels with PuTTY. It wasn't that difficult.

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