This question is specifically about the charset Apache (2.2 in my case) uses when serving it's default internal pages. For example, mod_autoindex directory listings, not-found ErrorDocument pages, 500-Internal Error pages, etc.

The charset Apache is currently using for these built-in pages is iso-8859-1 (see screenshot).

enter image description here

Here are my relevant Apache settings:

# apache2.conf:

AddDefaultCharset utf-8

My OS is Debian 7 and I'm using it's default prefork binary. I was thinking the charsets on these pages might not be changeable. Or maybe there is a compile-time option that affects the default charset?

And in my (Debian-specific) /etc/apache2/envvars, I sourced my default locale:

$ cat /etc/apache2/envvars
. /etc/default/locale

$ cat /etc/default/locale

$ env | grep LANG

Modifying the Content-Type header with mod_headers has no affect on Apache's default internal pages.


Yes it is possible. You can do this with a combination of ErrorDocument, <Location> and ForceType, as follows:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
<Location /404.html>
  ForceType "text/html; charset=utf-8"

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