I have a HP P410 and two 2.5" SAS Drives, i want to connect both those SAS drives to one port. I know the cable for the P410 is a SFF-8087 and ive seen plenty of adapters searching, but alot of them go from SFF-8087 to 4 x SATA. I know I cant connect those sata cables to SAS, so not sure what i need here.

Can someone point me to a website or cable that has what i need?

Thanks for your time

  • Are you doing this in a non-HP server without a backplane? – ewwhite Jul 26 '13 at 12:12

The connector you're looking for, to plug into your SAS drives, is SFF-8482.

So you will shop for a cable with SFF-8087 on one end and (multiple) SFF-8482 on the other.

  • Afaik these cables are directional so one has to make sure that both the connectors and the direction are right - in this case the SFF-8087 has to be on the host side. – fvu Jul 26 '13 at 9:22

Are you doing this in a non-HP server without a backplane? HISS!!

This is not an ideal arrangement if so, and you'll need to be careful.

The only cables I'd use for this are HP's branded SAS breakout cable or the LSI SAS breakout cable. How do you plan to power the drives? The LSI cable (pictured below) has power injector ports for regular 4-pin Molex power cables.

enter image description here

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