When trying to copy a thin vmdk on esxi 5 using vmkfstools like this:

vmkfstools -i IPFire-flat.vmdk -d thin IPFire-Template-flat.vmdk

I get this error:

DiskLib_Check() failed for source disk. The file specified is not a virtual disk (15).

I can perfectly use the vmdk in my vm so I am not exactly sure what is wrong.

How can I fix it?


Using vmkfstools, you need to target the small IPFire.vmdk file, not the -flat.vmdk file. Leave -flat out of the destination file name as well.

  • Thanks. That was it. Thought I had to do it the other way and just cp the file without flat because the flat-file is the big one appearantly storing the data. – Zulakis Jul 28 '13 at 18:06

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