I have successfully created a cluster, but any services I try to cluster fail with the same or similar symptoms (I have tried clustering DTC and installing a SQL cluster).


2 – nodes – both Windows Server 2012 – third 2012 box acting as an iSCSI SAN – all machines are on one Hyper-V host – Domain is Windows server 2003

2 networks – 10.x.x.x for the external, and 192.168.154.x for the internal & iSCSI – Windows Firewall is off

I cannot get either the DTC or SQL to work within the cluster – both seem to have the same issue – they appear to install OK, but the associated computer objects do not get created in AD, nor do DNS entries, then the network name resources fail with the following errors:

System Events:

1196 - Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: The handle is invalid

(I have created DNS entries manually, but this has not helped)

1069 - Cluster resource 'MGCLSQLDEVDTC' of type 'Network Name' in clustered role 'MGCLSQLDEVDTC' failed.

1205 - The Cluster service failed to bring clustered service or application 'MGCLSQLDEVDTC' completely online or offline. One or more resources may be in a failed state. This may impact the availability of the clustered service or application.

1254 - Clustered role 'MGCLSQLDEVDTC' has exceeded its failover threshold. It has exhausted the configured number of failover attempts within the failover period of time allotted to it and will be left in a failed state. No additional attempts will be made to bring the role online or fail it over to another node in the cluster. Please check the events associated with the failure. After the issues causing the failure are resolved the role can be brought online manually or the cluster may attempt to bring it online again after the restart delay period.

1228 - Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' encountered an error enabling the network name on this node. The reason for the failure was: 'Unable to obtain a logon token'.

The error code was '1326'.

Security Events:

4625 - An account failed to log on Subject: Node server, Account for which logon failed: CNO

Some errors from the cluster log:

2050 - [RES] Network Name: [NNLIB] LogonUserEx fails for user mgclsqldev$: 1326 (useSecondaryPassword: 0)

2050 - [RES] Network Name : Identity: Get Token Request, currently doesnt have a token!

2050 - [RES] Network Name : AccountAD: Slow operation has exception ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE(6)' because of '::ImpersonateLoggedOnUser( GetToken() )'

2051 - [RES] Network Name : Online thread Failed: ERROR_SUCCESS(0)' because of 'Initializing netname configuration for MGCLSQLDEVDTC failed with error 6.'

2051 - [RHS] Online for resource MGCLSQLDEVDTC failed.

2050 - [RCM] HandleMonitorReply: ONLINERESOURCE for 'MGCLSQLDEVDTC', gen(7) result 5018/0.

2051 - [RCM] rcm::RcmResource::HandleFailure: (MGCLSQLDEVDTC)

The cluster computer object ended up in the same OU as the cluster nodes which is different from the default “Computers” OU – I went in there and assigned all kinds of permissions, but that didn’t seem to affect anything.


This is a bug in Windows Server 2012 - the same thing happens setting up a DAG for Exchange 2013.

Create the computer object manually before creating the cluster.

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    Thank you! Please note that the computer object must be disabled after you create it - the cluster wizard will helpfully tell you this, but then it will get further, but still fail - it worked after I exited and tried again. – Mike DeFehr Jul 30 '13 at 12:10

Errr, definitely don't register the DNS addresses of your resources manually. You need to ensure that there aren't any static records, both A and PTR.

Could you up the verbosity of your cluster logging and submit your cluster log file (or a portion thereof)? There's more info in here than the event log.

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