In my company network we've 2 HyperV-2012 host with DAS, every server has a DHCP reservation in the DHCP server (windows server 2008).

Yesterday we've migrated (using shared with nothing migration) several virtual server from Host A to Host B.

The migration run smoothly but when a migrated Virtual Server was rebooted it didn't take the correct ip from DHCP because its mac address was regenerated dynamically by HyperV.

How can i resolve or mitigate the problem?

Consider my DHCP runs on windows server 2008 r2 (a domain controller) so i don't have access to the latest DHCP features introduced by Windows server 2012 (which howerver don't seem to help with my situation/scenario)

Thank you in advance for your kind replies.


Set the MAC address on the VM vNIC to static in the Advanced Features of the vNIC. The MAC address should then persist across all hosts for that VM.

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