I have numerous SQL 2012 databases that are being backed up by Microsoft's Data Protection manager (DPM) 2012. However, in each of these databases there is a specific file group that contains a large amount of non-critical (easily recreateable) data that is changes often and causes our backup size to grow exponentially. I don't want the data in this file group backed up.

I want to find out how I can (either through DPM or a setting in SQL Server) instruct DPM to exclude a specific file group from the backup. I want to do this using the native SQL VSS backup and I like (and really need) the auto-protect feature of DPM to backup new databases, so individually selecting SQL data files for the backup isn't really an option. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer, I posted this question on MS TechNet, but have received no response there.


I don't believe your exact requirements are possible. The only way I know you could achieve something similar would be to exclude certain files from a protection group. I know this isn't the way to go for your specific needs but it's the only way I can think to do it.

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