So following my last question about EBS and Instance store I found this on Amazon, http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/creating-snapshot-s3-linux.html. I'm up to "To upload your Amazon EC2 private key and X.509 certificate" and i cant work out where my are. I think I have my keypair which is the .pem given to me when i make a new Key Pair in AWS Console. But at no point am i given private_keyfile or certificate_file.

I'm really stuck here and the AWS walk through talks about these 2 things like they should be starring in the face.

Any and all help appreciated, thank you!

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In my answer to your previous question I linked to how to create a private key and how to create and upload an X509 signing certificate:


Specifically, you need to:

  • Install OpenSSL
  • Create a private key
  • Create a signing certificate
  • Upload the signing certificate to your IAM user

There's also the old method of using the keys and certificates assigned to your AWS master account but using the AWS master account is strongly discouraged by AWS.

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You can find the necessary files under "Your Security Credentials"

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