Is it possible to use the STOMP connector on client side and ActiveMQ on server side? Here are my configurations:

connector = stomp
plugin.stomp.host = localhost
plugin.stomp.port = 6163
plugin.stomp.user = mcollective
plugin.stomp.password = password  

connector = activemq
plugin.activemq.pool.size = 1
plugin.activemq.pool.1.user     = mcollective
plugin.activemq.pool.1.password = password
plugin.activemq.pool.1.host = localhost
plugin.activemq.pool.1.port = 6163  

After switching server to ActiveMQ mco ping doesn't get a response.


The ActiveMQ broker supports a wide range of transport connectors, so as long as the broker has an STOMP listener defined, that configuration should be valid.

In your case, add a listener to the TransportConnector declaration in /etc/activemq/activemq.xml file, if you happen to use the PuppetLabs repository, or the appropriate configuration file for your broker otherwise:

   <transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>

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