I have 4 load balanced apache servers, and all of them can add files to /project/media/ direcotry (different pictures). I want to store all media files in separate server and mount them on apache servers as '/project/media/' NFS folder. How can I do it?

How can I allow only that 4 servers to mount NFS folder? Maybe password or ip filter in NFS settings?

All servers are using Ubuntu server 12.04


You specify which hosts may access a share when configuring the exports. Its right there in man exports (here i use an example webserver[1-4], but you can put the IP:s there if you'd like):

/project/media/        webserver[1-4](rw)

Then how to start the nfs services varies, and since you did'nt specify what server your were planning to use, it's kinda hard to answer.

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