I have problem configuring the azure website to run on my domain, but without www.

The background:

  • I have the azure website: zwsfrontend.azurewebsites.net.
  • I have domain firemnidochazka.cz. Here is my CNAME setting - according to these instructions: CNAME records, sorry for czech, but I hope it is obvious. At the moment I do not have any A records as from above instructions I understood I first must have working CNAME records.

The problem is I think everything is configured properly, but I cannot add firemnidochazka.cz as the domain in Azure management (see picture). But I believe I have set everything as requested. Azure websites configuration gives me an error

I can access www.firemnidochazka.cz, but I cannot access it through firemnidochazka.cz. Do I miss something?

PS: CNAME is set for a day so it should not be problem of propagating DNS.


Yes, you don't have a DNS entry for firemnidochazka.cz. You need to add one using your DNS control panel (I guess that's the topic picture). It'll probably need an entry of "." or maybe an "@" symbol.

  • Isn't it a "Stejné jako nadřazená složka" which may be translated as "same as superior folder" which is firemnidochazka.cz itself I believe? It points to my website on azure as well. – Zoka Aug 13 '13 at 9:48

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