We've got a bit of a situation where an Exchange 2000 system was migrated to 2010 and all was fine. That was a few months ago and the 2000 server was retired. Some bright sparks just realised the public folders were never transfered across. So I've booted up the 2000 server and I can't access any of the public folder (although the folders are displayed)

enter image description here

So my question is now, how do I export all the public folders from one server to the 2010 server?


Did you ever uninstall Exchange 2000? It can't coexist with Exchange 2010 in the same organization. Once you've uninstalled any supported downlevel Exchange versions from a 2010 organization (2003, 2007), they can't be added back.

If your Exchange 2000 server still has the database files on it, I'd suggest opening a PSS case to see if there's anything Microsoft can do to export the contents of that database to a format you can import into 2010.

Make sure anything you try to do is on a copy of your database files and not the originals.

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