Good Day.

I'm setting up a mac for local development and have configured dnsmasq.conf with the following:


My wish is to run sites locally by http://client1.ext.dev/index.html which will map to a local folder of /www/sites/client1.ext/htdocs/index.html. Of course the variables here are client# and it's associated ext which could be any normal TLD -- .com, .net, .info, etc.

I've tried every permutation that I could think of, but I can't seem to get the httpd.conf to map correctly (technically my httpd-vhosts.conf file).

<Virtualhost *:80>
  VirtualDocumentRoot /www/sites/%-2+/htdocs
  #ServerName sites.dev 
  ServerAlias *.dev
  UseCanonicalName Off

Using this uri in my browser client1.com.dev/index.html, my log files reads File does not exist: /www/sites/client1.com Why won't the remaining mapping of VirtualDocumentRoot not work? (The "/htdocs" part is not being added.).

Many posts indicate that it should, but the man page (http://goo.gl/Ghff5G) doesn't show any additional directories beyond the %-mapping.

I've also tried RewriteRules within my directives to no avail (and I'm pretty sure I wasn't doing that correctly).


If I have a sub-domain, my browser just goes out to OpenDNS (which I have configured to default after my internal IP) and says it can't find sub.client1.com.dev which I'd like to map to /www/sites/sub.client1.com/htdocs.

Thank you!

  • It's a silly question, but does /www/sites/client1.com exist? – larsks Aug 16 '13 at 16:15
  • yes, as does /www/sites/client1.com/htdocs/index.html – dmayo Aug 16 '13 at 16:51
  • Ok, sorta solved. – dmayo Aug 16 '13 at 17:26
  • Ok, sorta solved. http://client1.com.dev still not resolving, so I cp the dir and renamed to http://anything.com.dev -- and it works. Grrr. Still beating head as http://client1.com.dev is not. However, http://client1.com.dev/index.html DOES work (as does http://anyting.com.dev/index.html Ugh. No clue as to why. I don't see any differences anywhere. – dmayo Aug 16 '13 at 17:32
  • Still trying to figure out the sub-domain, so http://sub.client1.com.dev maps to /www/sites/sub.client1.com/htdocs. Any takers? – dmayo Aug 16 '13 at 17:33

As you've got a 1:1 mapping you should just be able to use the full URL with;

<Virtualhost *:80>
  VirtualDocumentRoot /www/sites/%0/htdocs
  ServerName %0
  UseCanonicalName Off

The above should also work for subdomains.

I do something similar apart from I just use a .dev TLD in place of the actual live one and also alias to xip.io for devices that don't use my local dnsmasq dns.

# Any .dev folder in ~/Sites
<VirtualHost *:80>
    VirtualDocumentRoot "/Users/phunky/Sites/%1.0.%-1.0/public"
    ServerName %-2.0.%-1.0
    ServerAlias %-2.0.%-1.0.*.xip.io

Now if I could figure out how to get subdomains to map to alternative folders within the VirtualDocumentRoot i'd be a very happy man.

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