How to install Oracle Counters for Windows Performance Monitor (and operfcfg.exe) on a separate machine (other than the machine where Oracle Database Server is installed) ? The Oracle database version is 11g Release 2.

edit 1 : I installed the Counters (using Custom Install in Client Installer) and added the necessary values to registry with operfcfg.exe. Oracle services/Remote registry services are working on both machines. Inbound/Outbound Firewall rules on default port 1521 are created. I tested the connection : it's working (after configuring tnsnames.ora [client] and listners.ora [server]). But the problem is that the counters are not showing in perfmon, what the heck ?!

edit 2 : Which registry value I should watch in the Monitoring Machine ?

  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\ODP.NET\\PerformanceCounters (0=Disabled, 4095=Activated)

I used Oracle's operfcfg first but the counters weren't activated so I used a Microsoft tool (EXCTRLST) instead for that matter to avoid changing the Windows register values manually with regedit.

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