I serve executable scripts (mainly in C) through fcgiwrap connected with nginx. Since the scripts are complied, I can get the coding errors during compilation, but sometimes I receive CGI errors simply stating

An error occurred while reading CGI reply (no response received)

Is there any debugging approach to identify what is wrong with the CGI request/proces?

How can I set a debugging system to deliver the errors into the nginx log?

  • Had the same error a few days ago. In my case this was caused by a segfault in the c++-program. Unfortunately the nginx-logs aren't very helpful, so I have to use my internal logger. – jvlkr Apr 19 '16 at 7:22

I put a sleep(10); in my C program. Start GDB with your program and set a breakpoint to the command behind the sleep. Then submit your cgi programm in a browser and enter ps axu | grep prog. Type attach <pid> in gdb, you need to do this fast, you have only 10 seconds. Then you can debug your program.

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