I want to achieve the following:

mydomain.com/webmail, mydomain.com/forums, mail.mydomain.com, etc point to current host A

And I wish to point mydomain.com to a new website host:

www.mydomain.com, mydomain.com point to website on host B, but only those urls do so.

The email is easy, add a new MX record for mail.mydomain.com and A record for mail.mydomain.com pointing to the mail server IP.

However, I cannot simply add an A record for mydomain.com to point to host B as then sub-directories such as mydomain.com/forums will no longer be reachable at host A.

Is there a solution to this that requires no changes for the enduser?


There are no DNS records to do this, it has to be done at the HTTP level. You have to configure the web server on host B to reverse-proxy requests for /webmail and /forums to host A.

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