I'm creating a manifest to install LAMP on a CentOS 6 machine. Everything works except for installing some pear modules. When issuing puppet /etc/puppet/modules/webserver/manifests/init.pp I get the following:

Invalid package provider 'pear' at /etc/puppet/modules/webserver/manifests/init.pp:111

Here are the relevant parts of the manifest, including the order of includes at the bottom:

class php {

  package {'php':
    ensure => present,  
    before => File['/etc/php.ini'],

  file {'/etc/php.ini':
    ensure => file,

  $packagelist = [

  package { $packagelist:
    ensure => installed,
    require => Package['php'],
    notify => Service['httpd'],

class pear {
  package {
        ensure => installed,
        provider => 'pear';
        ensure => installed,
        provider => 'pear';

include php
include pear

I can comment out the include pear line at the bottom, and the rest installs without a hitch. rpm -qa | grep php-pear shows that package php-pear was successfully installed. Issuing pear at a prompt returns the expected pear help menu.

If I return to the init.pp file, and uncomment include pear and re-run puppet /etc/puppet/modules/webserver/manifests/init.pp, the same error appears.

What gives?


Resolved by upgrading to Puppet 2.27, then using puppet-pear module.



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