We have a Windows 2008 Server running as DC. DNS is provided by a standalone machine running ISC BIND v9. The zone is configured to accept dynamic updates from the Windows machine. This is needed - the DC needs to update resource records in the zone.

This is all working well, the windows machine registers all necessary resource records in the BIND zone. But - it also registers the IP-Adresses of all non-localhost Interfaces as A Record for the whole zone, which interferes with other services.

Assuming the server has three interfaces with IP-Adresses IPA, IPB and IPC. Without dynamic updates the zone will have a single (added by hand) 'A' record:

domain.com IN A SOMEIP

This is the desired state.

With dynamic updates the zone will have four 'A' records:

domain.com IN A SOMEIP
domain.com IN A IPA
domain.com IN A IPB
domain.com IN A IPC

How can we setup the Windows or BIND Machine to keep dynamic updates while avoiding this issue?


Per default, Windows tries to register the IPs of every network connection on the DNS server. To prevent this follow this procedure:

  • Open the properties of the network connection which should not be registered at the DNS server.
  • Select "TCP/IPv4"
  • Click "Properties"
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Select "DNS"
  • Uncheck "Register this connection's addresses in DNS"

Do this for every NIC you don't want in your DNS.

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