Can anyone explain how i can use theses directives? I found official documentation here. But not much explained.

Here is problem. Server A is running cpanel, php 5.3.10

php.ini contains this:


I have file under: /home/username/public_html/afd/evaltest.php and eval is working. If i comment path section, php shows error, that eval is disabled. So, all is working as expected.

Server B is the same, but php version is 5.3.19 and application is codeigniter and that does not working. If i add to php.ini



then all works like expected. So, why path does not work on server B ?

Can i add multiple path to directive? like this

[PATH=/home/username/public_html, /home/username2/public_html, /home/usernameN/public_html]



on both serves php is running as suPHP.


I found why on server B [PATH=] does not work. On server A later we added storage and mounted it to /home_new, after that when moved account from server A (witch is located on /home_new) to B, on server B was created /home_new directory and new user was created under /home_new. Then created symbolic links from /home_new/username folder to /home/username. And [PATH=] does not work with symbolic links. I tried with [PATH=/home/username/public_html] witch is symbolic link,but i must use [PATH=/home_new/username/public_html] and then all work like expected.

P.S. sorry for not so good English.

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