I have been getting some conflicting information - official OpenLiteSpeed pages say both that:

  1. OpenLiteSpeed supports Apache rewrites, and
  2. OpenLiteSpeed does not support .htaccess

A bit confused...what are LiteSpeed Tech trying to pull here?


Actually, both statements are true and not contradictory.

.htaccess files are not supported, but you can copy the rewrite rules from the .htaccess and paste into OpenLiteSpeed admin console:

OpenLiteSpeed admin console


the post is old, here a update to this subject. If you found this post after me...

V1.4.38 2018-9-10 Server Core

[New Feature] Added ‘Auto Load from .htaccess’ server and virtual host level setting to auto load .htaccess files included in the configured context if the ‘Rewrite Rules’ setting does not already use the “rewriteFile” directive.

more... please scroll down in this post

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