I have a CentOS LEMP stack with ISPConfig3. Everything is working perfectly, except for the cron jobs. I have tested the commands from command line, and they seem to be working fine, but when I put them in ISPConfig3's cron they dont work as scheduled tasks.

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I assume you know how to set up the cron jobs in /etc/cronjob but want to set it up in ISPConfig3.

This is a classic ISPConfig3 problem. It's a permissions issue.

See client settings on the limits tab.

Full cron allows to run any command as cronjob on your server as web user, in this case web5. Its the least secure option.

Jailed cron runs the cronjob in the jail of the website, with this option you can only run commands that are installed inside the jail. Thats much betters ecurity wise.

URL cron allows only to run cronjobs by URL, it is the most secure option. ispconfig handles the url cron and creates the nescessary command in the cron files for it.

  • Brilliant! That was it.
    – Helene
    Sep 12, 2013 at 0:17

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