There are plenty of old benchmarks on Apache mod_php vs nginx with php-fpm

However, with version 2.4, Apache can use php-fpm. Are there any sensible benchmarks comparing mod_php with php-fpm (both on Apache 2.4.x)?

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    While mod_proxy_fcgi is new, mod_fastcgi lets you use PHP-FPM with versions older than 2.4. Not sure how their performance compares, though. – Shane Madden Sep 12 '13 at 1:29

I'm working for a hosting/cloud company and we routinely use Apache 2.2 + mod_fastcgi + php-fpm (socket listen).

It uses a little more memory and CPU, but it's much more faster than mod_cgi/mod_php/mod_suphp.

If you can choose, go with mod_proxy_fcgi + php-fpm (2.4) or mod_fastcgi + php-fpm

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    Thanks! That is helpful. Would like to see some hard, objective measures as well. – OC2PS Nov 5 '13 at 4:26

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